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March 18, 2020
Pandemic driven component shortages - who knew?

Starline 45-70 Brass & Steinel Ammo 325-grain Brass Solids

Just the other day I commented on Instagram that I bet all the Mail order hand-loading supply houses are doing a bang up business. Little did I realize that it would actually be driving delayed order fulfillment because of all the shut-ins. This is good news, right? It just means that business is good and that there are a lot of folks just like you & I enjoying some time at the bench. It does reflect a burgeoning demand for a discipline I thought might be dying off.

New Starline 444 Marlin Brass Ready to Size & Load

I’ve been getting emails, as I’m sure you all have from prominent mail-order supply houses stating that business is elevated right now and that they are seeing delayed shipments to all of us. Heck I don’t mind right? Well the good news is I’m not held up waiting on components. I’ve lived through dry times when you couldn’t find stuff you needed & I'm happy to say I’m stocked up. I might add that in great part to my great friends over at Starline Brass I’m doing just fine.

Primer & Powder Storage, Always keeping a Min/Max Inventory

I’ve never considered myself a prepper person but as I look at my hand loading stock I might just fit that description. This pandemic has me evaluating what I could have done a better job at being prepared for in other arenas around the gunner castle. Something I’m sure each one of us has done over the last week or so. If you watch the news much right now it would make anyone start to rethink their approach to keeping stock of anything.

An Age Old Standby for Cleaning & Maintaining Firearms

I’ve been a bit guilty making light of this pandemic however it has hit home here as well. Today our adult daughter was laid off from her position as General Manager at a popular restaurant in Atlanta ( management closed all of their stores today). Our son who owns a very successful CrossFit business in Florida is waiting for the Governor to close all gyms any hour now just as many states have already done. I’m typing this as it was just announced on the news that all U.S. auto manufacturers are closing their doors. This seems surreal.

Old Inventory Found from MidwayUSA - Remington Bullets

Hand loading ammo seems like a very unimportant issue as I continue to type. That being said, it plays a very important role in providing a much needed personal hobby that also supports a lifestyle that we must keep going or we will lose it forever. So when we see the world as we knew it starting to crack, even if just for a short while - we need to embrace it even harder. We need to make sure we pass this on to our children, friends & even strangers. You may be playing a more important role than any of us figured.

So as suppliers start to slow down on deliveries, don’t get upset with them. Be thankful they are still open and supporting each and every one of us - one delivery at a time. God Bless America and may your family stay safe during this crazy time in American history.


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Hello! My name is Scott and I’m a husband, dad, and enthusiast for all things outdoors! My wife and I are parents to two adult children, and grandparents to one sweet boy! We moved to NW Georgia in 2015, I'm originally from Illinois & my wife from Florida! Everyday I try to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle while juggling all of my favorite things. I am very excited to share my passion for the outdoors, handloading, range fun, hunting, and fishing lifestyle! Welcome to my life - I can’t wait to bring you along on the adventure!



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