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Favorite Corner of the Gun Room

Not a Man Cave, this is a Gun Room. When we were looking to retire to Georgia I was hoping to find a home with a room big enough for my hobbies. We found it in our current home. After moving in I spent a lot of time planning the layout for functionality. My Gun Room is a combination of comfort for reading or watching TV and reloading ammo, cleaning guns and basic gun smithing.
Pictures are usually a bit deceiving like this one. Look how clean my bench is... Highly unusual, it almost always has a load development in-progress. In fact earlier this morning it was a new 350-grain, gas-checked hard cast in Starline 45-70 brass over Hodgdon H4198. I've had these cast boolits since 2010 I think and never loaded them. I'm looking forward to another "Backyard Fun" day at my brother in laws where we "test" bullet-load performance.

Where Science & Magic Happen

I was able to completely lay it out for framing, lighting before dry wall, etc. So this is my room. One end is for reading & watching TV (mostly hunting/fishing shows or a good western...). The other end is where the magic happens - the loading bench.
This Gun Room has the standard cleaning rods, brushes, bore snakes, patches, gun oil, bore cleaning solutions of every kind and yet there is an order to things that feels just right to me. While I post most of my loads either on Instagram/Facebook & this website there are some that I keep to myself. I bet your Gun Room has it's own secrets too.

Since it is a Gun Room you might think you'd see a bunch of guns when you walk in but nope. For the most part they are locked away or what I'm carrying. If I'm gunna hang out for a day I'll bring several out and lean them in the rack. I might grab one and work the lever watching TV and I'm always oiling them down & cleaning them. After all, these get used - they are not safe queens. So a Gun Room with random guns, gun TV, gun books & gun tools for cleaning guns and making gun stuff....

Watching, Reading, Relaxing Part of Gun Room

Bottom line this Gun Room is a working room and a reading & relaxing room all at the same time. When I'm loading rounds I usually have the TV on just for background noise. Mrs Gunner is almost always upstairs while I'm loading - and that works out just fine.
And then there's the bench covered in tools, brass, load books with bullets stacked high in bins overlooking the rest. This is my dream space, where magic happens and new to me loads are developed for range fun or hunting requirements.

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Hello! My name is Scott and I'm a husband, dad, and enthusiast for all things outdoors! My wife and I are parents to two adult children, and grandparents to one sweet boy! We moved to NW Georgia in 2015, I'm originally from Illinois & my wife from Florida! Everyday I try to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle while juggling all of my favorite things. I am very excited to share my passion for the outdoors, hand loading, range fun, hunting, and fishing lifestyle! Welcome to my life - I cant wait to bring you along on the adventure!



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